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How to get a grant

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The application should be carefully filled and submitted ONLINE.

After submitting your application online, please send a printed copy of the application along with originals of all supporting documents by post to:

The Alexis & Anne-Marie Habib
Attention: Lara Hage
PO Box 146 Ain Aar
Metn, Lebanon

You may fill your application in either English or French.

Please note that once you login you will have a two-week deadline to submit your application with its supporting documents.

Your deadline for submitting a printed copy of the ONLINE application and the required documents is:
May 15
We encourage students to apply as early as possible.


Your application must be fully completed and submitted within the deadline to be processed.

Applications that have missing information and/or missing documents will be considered incomplete and hence will not be evaluated.

House visits may be scheduled to further assess your financial needs.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DEADLINE TO APPLY since filling the application and preparing all the required documents may take around a week.


The Foundation has been funded through contributions by Mr Alexis Habib and his family. No active fundraising from outside contributors is expected.


The Foundation also offers scholarships at INSEAD for those who aspire to attend a world-class international MBA program.
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