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Initial Funding

The Foundation has been funded through contributions by Mr Alexis Habib and his family. No active fundraising from outside contributors is expected.

Grant distributions

The Foundation aims to fund operating expenses and charitable distributions solely through the income on the investment of its liquid assets. The Foundation aims to make annual charitable distributions equivalent to approximately 5% of its liquid assets, primarily through long term preferential term loans as well as scholarships and cash grants.

Grant making Procedures

All grant making will be made in keeping with the stated objectives of the Foundation. Grants and loans will be made directly to the recipients and/or directly to their educational institutions, as determined by the Trustees in consultation with the Board of Advisors. Applications must be made to the FoundationĀ¹s Beirut office. Important factors in the decision making process will include the level of disadvantage and the level of academic potential. Any form of disadvantage may be considered for qualification, although the primary focus will be on economic disadvantage. Past academic achievement and future academic potential will be considered, through school reports and through recommendations from teachers and other responsible professionals.
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