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Mission & objectives

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The Alexis & Anne-Marie Habib Foundation seeks to identify bright, academically talented, disadvantaged high school and university students in Lebanon and to provide them with long term financial support so that they can maximize their educational potential.


The primary objective will be achieved by providing loans and/or grants for the following purposes:

  • Pre-collegiate education and youth development for students in Lebanon

  • Scholarships for university and post-graduate tuition and expenses for bright disadvantaged children in Lebanon, to pursue education at institutions both inside and outside Lebanon

  • Development of the educational infrastructure within Lebanon, through the building and/or financing of schools targeted at disadvantaged children, and otherwise


The Foundation has been funded through contributions by Mr Alexis Habib and his family. No active fundraising from outside contributors is expected.


The Foundation also offers scholarships at INSEAD for those who aspire to attend a world-class international MBA program.
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